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Our products meet international standards and being produced under Turkish Food Codex in regards the Norms that apply to Edible Cooking Oils referred with plant names.

Our range of SELIN Brand bottled Refined Edible Cooking Oils and Virgin Olive Oils fit for human consumption are listed under. Refined Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Pomace Oil are among our major bottled products.

You may contact our export department for your inquiries regarding currently available Edible Cooking Oil Prices and our Private-Label Branding Solutions.

Virgin Olive Oil

Selin, the perfect flavor in your cuisine!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil does not go under any chemical treatment process.

It simply is being obtained from the pressing of finest harvest fresh olive fruits.

After the mechanical pressing process the properties of the olive oil are not being modified.

This hundred percent natural highly nutritious fruit juice extract is a gift. Having not gone through an artificial manufacturing processes the quality of the final product is mostly determined by the quality of the crop, the oil mill and various factors some of which are explained below in brief. Free oleic fatty acidity ratio is one of the key factors in determining the quality of the olive oil for a non-acidic easy to digest flavor other than taste, smell and further analytic characteristics.

Acidity level of EVOO must not exceed 0.8% acidity ratio.

(VOO with a good taste that has a free acidity of 2% is similarly used as well whilst EVOO mostly preferred..)

EVOO is a rich content highly valuable and complex food with many virtues.

It has a perfect aromatic taste and widely used in many countries especially in Mediterranean cuisine.

Many scientific studies have proven its rich nutritional facts and healthy properties.

Transformation of fruits into liquid gold, brings out organoleptic and chemical components.

Variety of individual characteristics, proper harvesting procedures, timing and milling are some of the key elements that are involved in final product quality.

The quality of an EVOO is then confirmed with its low acid content and more specifically, the quality is held in the organoleptic characteristics.

In many parts of the world, liquid gold is an important cuisine ingredient. Recently, the attention towards quality is increasing rapidly. Consumers are more dedicated to using high quality EVOOs. Carotene, tocopherols, phospholipids and unsaturated fatty acids and proteins that protect and assist the human body are amongst the substances OO contains. OO is easy to digest and helps with the digestive process as well. There are several types of Olive Oil in the market whilst the best one in regards the excellence in quality is known the EVOO. EVOO is extracted from fruits with the first press process and the oleic acid content does not exceed 0,8%.

Quality of the raw material (fruit themselves), is the first key factor in the quality. Only fresh and top quality fruits may be considered for Extra Virgin liquid gold production. Handpicked fruits, sprigs and leaves to be separated without having applied any other treatment other than washing and processing in a quality mill for first press is essential for best quality.

EVOO with rich oleic acid is excellent for children growth and an easily digestive source of energy.

Liquid gold helps preventing the loss of calcium in the bones and the rich content of vegetable unsaturated fats give energy healthy nutrients to our metabolism. Further to healthy features of liquid gold, especially the Extra Virgin Olive Oil gives a perfect flavor to our dishes.  

To better preserve the qualities of the EVOO it is best to use it raw as a condiment on salads, soups, meats etc.

It may be well used cooked in meals and may be used for fries as well.


Consuming the Raw EVOO within 6-8 months of pressing may best preserve its typical qualities and characteristics.

After 8- 12 months of storage, a change with the fragrance, the freshness and the taste will start.

After storage, EVOO does not get worse, but it can lose some qualities such as vitamin E and other antioxidant contents that are richly available.

Storage of EVOO in a dark, well closed glass container at around 14 C degrees may help preserving the qualities of your olive oil for longer.

Edible Cooking Oils Fit For Human Consumption

A well balanced healthy nutrition diet containing optimum consumption of cooking oils helps your digestion system make the most out of your diet enabling digestion of fat soluble vitamins and proteins in your diet. Fats and oils provide a concentrated source of energy and the essential fatty acids needed for growth and health. The percent of total energy that should come from fat in a healthy balanced diet may vary depending on the nutrient diet in course, sex and age of the person. You may seek Professional dietary and health advise for the suggested consumption amount and ratio in your diet.

Liquid gold Obtained from olive fruit by products are known to be great in regards being a source of energy, a well-balanced fatty acid combination and a great choice for tasty dishes that might contribute to a healthy growth and living.


Range of Products:

OLIVE OIL (Liquid Gold)

-EVOO                                                  : less 0.8% Free Oleic Acidity, Best Use: Consuming Raw as a Salad                                                                                                                                                                   Dressing (Highest Grade Standard First Cold Pressed All Natural Product)

-VOO                                                   : 0.8 – 2.00% Free Oleic Acidity, Best Use: Consuming Raw as a Salad Dressing for those whom prefer slightly stronger taste than EVOO

(High Grade Standard First Cold Pressed All Natural Product, differs from EVOO with the Free Oleic Acidity Ratio which is subject to one’s individual preference and taste)

-Pure Olive Oil                                    : less 1.00% Free Oleic Acidity, Light Taste, Good for Cooking and Frying as well Raw for Salad Dressings

-Olive Pomace Oil                               : less 1.00% Free Oleic Acidity A well balanced Blend of EVOO and Refined OPO  

For cuisines whereby frying and deep frying is a common practice and a light taste is preferred.

Great choice for those whom prefer the liquid gold taste, aroma and nutrition benefits on a budget cooking oil almost fit for all cooking Applications. Light Taste, Good for Cooking and Deep Frying as well may be consumed raw directly as Salad Dressing

-ROPO                                                  : less 0.3% Free Oleic Acidity A budget high quality characteristics Cooking Oil Product that is obtained from Olive Pomace after first cold press.

Light taste and aroma, good for deep frying applications and cooking as well may be consumed raw directly as a salad dressing.


Standards                                           : TS 341, TS 5269 (Turkish Food Codex)

Origin                                                   : TURKEY

Shelf Life                                             : 24 Months

Storage Advise                                 : Store in a Cool & Dry Place, not exposed to Direct Sunlight. Once the sealed cap opened for use, keep the cap tightly closed afterwards. May Freeze under + 5 °C

Available Packaging                        : 250, 500, 1000 ml Uvag Green Marasca Glass Bottles

                                                          500, 1000, 3000, 5000 ml Pet Bottles

5, 10, 18 L Tin Cans, Bulk in 216,5 L Food Grade Steel Drums (80     Steel Drums of 195 Kg/Drum per 20’DC FCL)

                                                                 Bulk in 1000 L Plastic IBC Tanks (20 IBC Tanks per 20’DC FCL)

Minimum Order Quantity            : Subject to Negotiation (Suggested Quantity: Min 1* 20 DC FCL)


Consumers are trending a keen olive oil consumption habit due its nutrition facts. It is rich in calories and different purpose uses such as for skin care, soap making, for hair and hair mask etc. Olives are being harvested for thousands of years and has long been processed in Turkey. It is called Zeytinyağı in Turkish and large amounts are being Harvested and Processed at many local Mills, Extracted, Refined, Processed and Bottled and Exported by various producers mainly in Aegean District of Turkey. Production of this geographical gift product has long been a tradition and a common practice in Turkey with many well reputed brands being represented worldwide as well as many importers preferring Turkish Olive Oil under their EVOO Brands with Private-Label supplies provided by Turkish producers. 



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We are proudly serving the industry for almost six decades since we started our long journey with Mr. Ali SEYREK in Refined Sunflower Seeds Cooking Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil business with traditional methods back in 1960 and continues under patronage of our founder Mr. Musa SEYREK and transformed ourselves into a well reputed Refined Sunflower Oil supplier and exporter with our registered brands SELIN and SIGLA as well our Private-Label Branding solutions to many organizations.

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Our range of SELIN Brand bottled Refined Edible Cooking Oils and Virgin Olive Oils fit for human consumption are listed under. Refined Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Pomace Oil are among our major bottled products.

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