Refined Corn Oil

Selin, the perfect flavour in your cuisine!

Corn oil is Vitamin E rich which is good for dermatological health. Provides energy with its fatty acids and researches indicate that corn oil plays an important role in regards decreasing the cholesterol level and heart disease risks. Corn oil provides rich contents of multiple unsaturated fatty acids. Corn oil is rich in linoleic acid content which has a positive impact on growth, healthy hair and skin. Corn oil is accepted to be a useful source for antioxidant tocopherols

Corn oil differs from other edible oils with its flavor and taste. Corn oil is widely used for its easy digestion. Corn oil is resistant to high temperatures and does not easily oxidize. It is mostly preferred for deep frying.

Refined Corn Oil Energy And Nutrition Facts

Refined Corn Oil

# Energy and Nutrients in 100 g
1 Energy 814 kcal (3347 Kj)
2 Protein 0 g
3 Fat 91 g
4 Saturated fat 12 g
5 Single unsaturated oil acids 27 g
6 Multi unsaturated oil acids 57 g
7 Carbohydrate 0 mg

Packing Type

Refined Corn Oil

# Packing  
1 Plastic Bottles 1000ml, 2000ml, 4500ml, 5000ml
2 Plastic Jars 5000ml
3 Tin Cans 5000ml, 10000ml and 18000ml
4   Private-Label Branding

CERTIFICATION ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 22.000: 2005, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001 and HALAL
Shelf Life:24 months(Store in a cool and dry place and do not expose to direct sunlight.)

Has been produced in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex in regards the Norms that apply to Edible Cooking Oils referred with plant names.